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Amazon’s Culture of Innovation

Times of crisis create an opportunity to collaborate, invent and adapt to better serve citizens, accelerating our need to build for the future. Right now more than a million Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers are busy creating a better tomorrow. They’re leaving the constraints of legacy technology behind and innovating faster. Wherever you are in your journey, AWS is HOW you bring your future closer. Learn how to innovate like Amazon.

Amazon has a peculiar approach to innovation that is intrinsically linked to how we use technology, and organize our teams. In this session, you’ll be introduced to how we innovate at Amazon, organized around four interdependent elements: Culture, Mechanisms, Architecture, and Organization. You’ll have the chance to dive deeper on each topic, including Leadership Principles, Working Backwards, and 2-Pizza Teams. Learn more about some of the mechanisms and best practices that help us innovate at Amazon, and go through some of the suggestions on how they apply to state and local government transportation agencies and authorities. Specifically, learn how Transurban, one of the world’s largest toll road operators, has adopted this culture of innovation and used it to build highly effective solutions on the AWS Cloud.