ITS Conference & Expo
June 9-12, 2026
Huntington Place, Detroit, Michigan



Every year, the Intelligent Transportation Society of America – the country’s leading organization to advance transportation technology – awards the best innovators and projects at the ITS Awards Reception. This year’s reception will feature The Best State Chapter Award and The Best of ITS Awards. 

The ITS Awards Reception will take place on Wednesday, April 26 at 5:00 PM CDT in the Networking Lounge in the Expo Hall. 

Best State Chapter Award
ITS America is awarding ITS Georgia with the Division I Outstanding State Chapter Award for their work to bolster ITS capabilities. 

Best of ITS Awards  
This award will be given to the applicant whose innovative project best advances ITS to benefit communities. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the award winner revealed from the following list of finalists:

The City of Phoenix has been listed in the top 10 most dangerous cities for their intersections.  Intersection Safety Insights was designed with the City of Phoenix to help measure, find countermeasures, and re-measure those countermeasures to find out the most effective way to reduce safety concerns in the city.

Florida’s Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Data Exchange Platform (DEP) Program developed as a public-private partnership, in support of FDOT’s areas of emphases as defined in the Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Business Plan. Encompassing FDOT’s operational, in development, and planned CAV project corridors, the V2X DEP resonated with the state’s transportation resiliency initiatives, and through its CAV components is expected to meet the autonomous vehicle needs of the industry. This emerging technology system includes performing backend data analytics on CAV data to make real-time and predictive decisions, and assist stakeholders in the auto industry, research, traffic engineering, and other areas in order to provide service to local communities in Florida.

AEye, Inc. partnered with VSI Labs and MnROAD (the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s cold-weather pavement testing facility) to validate the ITS industry’s first reliable 800-meter (m) range Automatic Incident Detection (AID) solution. AEye’s 800m solution is an improvement over current systems that have poor detection past 300m. By validating that AEye’s long-range solution can provide reliable detection, even in harsh Minnesota winter weather conditions, this project can lead to the real-world implementation of life-saving lidar technology by Departments of Transportation and other agencies.

goMARTI is an autonomous shuttle project, located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and was created to help develop a future view of a possible shared public accessibility- focused transportation option for rural communities in winter climate settings.  The project is an 18 month on-demand, shared autonomous micro-transit operation working toward providing a transportation option to help improve the quality of life for differently-abled and senior citizen community members in the rural community.  The operation includes: 5 automated shuttles from May Mobility (3 ADA wheel-chair accessible and 2 traditional) providing rides in a 17 sq mile area, an on-demand micro-transit ride booking app powered by Via, and a local call center for ride booking and community engagement/training provided by First Call 211.  

Inspired by advanced medical imaging technologies, this project creates an “MRI for traffic,” consisting of 294 cameras mounted on tall poles that capture new insights about what causes traffic congestion on a four mile stretch of I-24 just south of Nashville TN. The camera data is processed into actionable information at a fidelity that is not possible on any other roadway in the US. I-24 MOTION is located within the larger 28 mile I-24 SMART corridor between Mill Creek to Waldron Road, which provides an ideal proving ground. It also serves as a testbed for how Tennessee and other states can leverage new connected/automated vehicle and traffic management technologies.

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