ITS Conference & Expo
April 22-25, 2024
Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona



New for 2024, the ITS Innovation Showcase will feature groundbreaking innovations and solutions that define the future of transportation. You will be able to vote in real-time for the technology you feel embodies the innovation that is driving the future of transportation toward increased safety efficiency, and sustainability. Stop by the ITS Innovation Showcase, located in the Networking Lounge and in the Conference area, to cast your vote.

The winner will be announced and receive an award during the ITS Awards Ceremony & Reception, taking place on Wednesday, April 24 at the Expo Hall Education Theater, Booth #2255.


The ITS Innovation Showcase is your chance to put your company’s technology in front of both public and private sector professionals who have a goal of advancing mobility.

Each company is eligible to submit one nomination. Here are some examples of the types of technology or product to submit:

  • Automated Vehicles (includes self-driving trucks, freight, automated transit, transportation system integration)
  • Emerging Technologies (includes AI, Digital Twinning and Quantum Computing)
  • Digital Infrastructure (includes cybersecurity, broadband and cellular communications, data management, etc.)
  • V2X/Connected Vehicles (includes V2V, V2I, and V2P technologies, etc.)
  • Multi-modal, Equitable Mobility (includes MOD, AAM, UAM, Micro Transit, Active Mobility)
  • Climate Resiliency & Sustainability (includes EVs, charging infrastructure, power generation, etc.)

The cost to participate is $750 per submission, and you must be a current ITS America Conference & Expo exhibitor to participate.

The winner of each category will receive an award during the ITS Awards Ceremony & Reception, Wednesday, April 24.

With Smart Roadways, state transportation agencies can alert commercial trucks directly in-cab to upcoming hazards on the roadway, and assess changes in driver behavior to improve their safety programs. Drivewyze offers Smart Roadways alerts at no cost to commercial trucks and fleets through the Drivewyze app.

Vantage CV™ combines the precision of Iteris' detection technology with a full CV solution, enabling real-time detection and V2X communication for enhanced road safety.  Vantage CV™ broadcasts vital alerts and supports various CV applications, backed by cloud-based analytics for comprehensive traffic insights, ensuring safer, more efficient intersections.

GridMatrix’s award-winning cloud-based software utilizes data from existing roadway sensors to efficiently resolve congestion, emissions, and safety challenges—without the need to install or maintain costly new infrastructure. Our software operates on sensors such as cameras, radar, and LiDAR and incorporates external data from sources like mobile phones and connected vehicles.

Discover HyMax: the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Backup Power. Leveraging Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology, it guarantees weeks of emission-free intersection backup. Trusted by progressive cities for its commitment to Sustainability and Vision Zero, with 56 installations last year in the west. Witness innovation at Booth #1437 with a live demo.

Western Systems, in collaboration with University of Arizona (CATS), has developed a Connected Vehicles solution that integrates Roadside Units, onboard systems, and traffic management components. Through a preemption initiative with The City of Phoenix, it aims to enhance safety, reduce response time, and improve community situational awareness.

ZIG Superwallet: Board hands-free with phone in pocket! AI Powered MaaS+ IoT sensors validate smartphone tickets on entry, ensuring queueless, contactless ticketing. No smartphone? Board with a smartcard in pocket. ZIG AI enhances accessibility for all, with a Mobility as a Service trip planner and payment for demand-response, fixed route, and paratransit in one Superwallet.

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