Q&A with Charlotte DOT director, Liz Babson

Advantech Q&A with Ken Kao, Director of ITS and Networking Solutions

Tell us a little bit about your mission at Advantech. What current project are you most excited about and why?

Ken Kao: Our mission is to establish Advantech as a key thought leader in the Transportation industry with our industrially designed, reliable hardware solutions and team expertise. Additionally, our mission includes being a Trusted and Leading Brand for Enabling Edge Computing & AI Solutions with Reliable Edge Connectivity Integrations in ITS and Smart City applications.  

You are known for your railway systems work, but what might be interesting to ITS America is your involvement in potential applications for autonomous vehicles. What does Advantech provide in the hardware space that makes autonomy a “real thing?”

Ken Kao: Advantech has collaborated with various solution partners as they utilize our hardened edge computers (UNO-137/UNO-2372G) in Connected Vehicle/CAV applications. Advantech rugged UNO computers run as an edge processor to process connected vehicle data to the traffic controller in the field cabinet. This means real-time data processing capabilities, which provide intelligent data for traffic controllers in the field. It improves traffic signal timing and helps efficiently update traffic statuses for the central ATMS system.  

How important is AI in future transportation modeling and products?

Ken Kao: Utilizing AI technologies means processes are more automatic and accurate; equipment has the intelligence to make proper decisions in intersections and highways. AI solutions help improve safety and mobility in the ITS market.  

What are you most looking forward to in Charlotte? What can we expect to learn from your team onsite at #ITSA2021?

Ken Kao: This year, Advantech is presenting our latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology in our edge IoT gateways, along with hardened, reliable communication solutions that ensure a trustworthy and reliable network infrastructure.