April 1, 2020

Shailen Bhatt, President & CEO, ITS America

In recent days and weeks, we have all become acutely aware of the availability of certain products. What you may not be aware of is how those products reach warehouse and grocery store shelves – and the importance of transportation technology in that supply chain.

Los Angeles, site of the ITS World Congress in October, is home to the largest port complex in the Western Hemisphere and the two busiest ports in the United States – the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, known together as the San Pedro Bay Port Complex. These two facilities handle more containers per ship call than any other port in the world and account for 60 percent of all goods coming into the United States.

Both ports are focused on new technologies to enhance digital information flow. The Port of Los Angeles uses technology that helps move freight through the port more quickly by accessing real-time, data driven information. For example, the software allows 10-14 days’ notice for arriving cargo, which allows more efficient planning for moving it out. The result? Less time at the port means essential goods make their way more quickly to consumers.

Freight is loaded onto hundreds of trucks, and drivers are tasked with making sure everything from toilet paper to medical supplies makes it onto the 405 and to local distribution centers, the last stop before arrival at stores across the country. Trucking is the backbone of our economy, and even more so in these times.

And while the perishable goods we are most concerned about today don’t arrive on container ships, many come from farms in places like California’s Imperial Valley – and once again, we rely on truck drivers to transport them to our communities.

ITS America’s vision is of a better future transformed by intelligent mobility – one that is safer, greener, and smarter. The technologies in use at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will help us achieve that vision. Come see for yourself at the ITS World Congress October 4-8, where the tour of these fascinating ports is sure to be one of many highlights.