We have an opportunity to enhance transportation by making smart investments that can have positive impact on mobility, commuting patterns, safety, supply chain and delivery of goods. As part of our commitment to the ITS community, we would like to make it easier for you to connect with solution providers that best fit your specific needs though our complimentary year-round matchmaking service. This new matchmaking service allows us to supply you with solution and technology providers relevant to your interests and open projects. You are then able to connect with them at your leisure and when it best suits your schedule. The 2-3-minute form below will collect your product/solution interests and a brief description of your open project(s). All personal information and open project descriptions will be kept anonymous and confidential.

Once your form is submitted, we will begin identifying solution providers that meet your criteria. As part of our year-round engagement endeavor, we will continue to supply you with new, relevant solution providers based on your submitted information. You may update your product interests and open projects or opt out at any time by contacting Sharon Kelley at [email protected]