As part of our efforts to help our ITS community make smarter investments that improve mobility, save lives, promotes sustainability, and increases efficiency and productivity, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to connect with project leaders and purchasers in the industry though our complimentary year-round matchmaking service. We have asked our attendees to share with us product interests as well as open projects that they are looking to source solutions for. ITS America Events hopes to facilitate business between our attendees and exhibitors with this new, year-round digital program concurrent with our virtual and face to face Events.

Please review our list of collected Open Projects here and select the project(s) below that your business may have a solution or technology to offer that meets this open project’s demand. If possible, please elaborate on the technology further. From there, our team will share your contact information provided below with our buyers so that they may reach out to you directly.

Please Note: Due to privacy concerns, we cannot reveal attendee organization names, and information is listed anonymously. Our team will contact the attendee and pass along your request to connect. It is up to the attendee to contact you directly. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Sharon Kelley at