ITS World Congress 2022, September 18-22 (Conference: September 18 – 22 | Exhibit Hall: September 19 – 22) explores "Transformation by Transportation." This year's programs present an opportunity to reimagine mobility and transform outcomes for generations - greener communities and more resilient systems, increased access and equity, and safer, smarter streets for all. Register today to join the ITS community in an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the latest ITS technologies and implementations.


Equitable and Seamless Mobility

Equitable and seamless mobility recognizes that everyone should have equal, affordable, and safe access to transport. Hear about innovations that expand equitable mobility and overcome existing challenges, including accessible and barrier-free mobility, mobility trends, and emerging technologies supporting transportation access.

Digital Infrastructure

The future of mobility requires bringing together the physical and digital worlds of transport to build an environment that supports existing infrastructure and future innovations. From collecting and analyzing data, software, and processes to machine learning, AI, digital twinning, and 5G, these sessions will help participants understand the future of digital infrastructure.

Intelligent, Connected, and Automated Vehicles

Connected vehicles and automated transport are transforming the way we envision the future of mobility. Learn about innovative ways to promote pedestrian and vulnerable road user safety, regulatory and policy frameworks to support technology deployment, and how to plan for these innovations with public-private partnerships.

Organizing for Successful Policy and Governance, Business Models, International Cooperation

Transforming the transport system requires extensive planning and coordination, new business models for collaboration, and scaled deployment. These sessions will explore successful policy frameworks and advocacy efforts, new models in governance, business development opportunities, and how we can collaborate across regions and countries to scale these innovations.

Path to Vision Zero

How can we work towards eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility? Explore the path to Vision Zero and learn how leveraging advancements in transportation technology can be a central part of a safe systems approach.

Sustainability & Resiliency

Advancing our global climate goals relies on sustainable and resilient transport technologies. Sessions will focus on sustainable technologies, zero-emission vehicles, sustainable infrastructure, transportation electrification, and advancements in alternative fuels.

Technology from Entry to the Last Mile

Innovations in the first and last mile continue to emerge to address the first and last parts of our journeys. Learn about advancements in automated air mobility, personal delivery vehicles, and micro-mobility trends. Topics include updates on new models for data, public-private partnerships, connecting communities to their destinations, and providing seamless goods delivery.

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