CEO Interview: Endava

Tell us a little bit about your mission at Endava. What current project are you most excited about and why?

Our mission at Endava - Mobility is to deliver exceptional technology products that reduce friction, enhance efficiency, and provide better digital experiences for business partners and mobility users. To enable the frictionless movement of both people and goods. There are so many exciting projects but one that stands out is the recent work we did with Avantcar to create and launch their Avant2Go EV car sharing business. This expanded their business from Fleet Operator to include EV Car Sharing, Renting and final mile delivery. We created entirely new revenue streams for the business while in parallel decreasing carbon emissions and improving the lives of the people in the regions they serve. Our long-term partnership and joint development with Avantcar, resulted in a top-notch solution, completely centered around the user, where Endava delivered a complex backend system with advanced integration of car telematics, payments and parking, and Avantcar provided a beautiful new website and mobile apps.

You are most known for your Digital Acceleration services; how does this apply to the intelligent transportation sector? Do you have any examples you can share of a successful implementation of your technology?

 The intelligent transportation sector is plagued with legacy systems, technical debt and siloed data which all serve to hinder the acceleration to more inclusive, accessible, sustainable and user-friendly ecosystems (MaaS).  We help organizations to envision and build cutting edge solutions and bring legacy systems to modern ones allowing them all to work together efficiently and affordably. One example is the work we did with a major European carmaker in helping them to explore new ways to interact with the market through data-driven sales insights enriched with relevant market data to work towards data-driven recommendation engines for better placement of promotions and sales actions. Another example is the work we did for a major international airline to create a user centric platform that caters to a travelers every need, fast booking and check-ins, trip, hotel and restaurant suggestions, logistics to and from the airport and connections with other travelers to better enable ride/taxi sharing. 

What are Endava’s biggest opportunities in the next 1-2 years?

At the current point of maturity in the MaaS market, the biggest opportunity for Endava is to help MaaS players, transit, big tech, OEM’s, travel giants and supply chains to understand how and where they fit in to all this. From there helping them identify and accelerate their steps for them to be successful. It is a complex ecosystem with lots of new entrants and many unknows from policy to adoption. Endava can help.

What are you most looking forward to for ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles?  What can we expect to learn from your team on-site at #ITSWC2022?

We are most looking forward to meeting new colleges and partners as well as collaborating with our current ones. Learning and sharing the latest in this very exciting industry that’s under its largest disruption since the 19th century.