SwRI Sponsors ITS World Congress 11th Student Essay and Video Competition With Cash Prize

Essays and videos to address how disruptive technologies will transform transportation.

San Antonio, TX — Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is inviting college students to share visions for the future of transportation in an essay and video competition. The winner will earn a $1,000 cash prize and a paid trip to Los Angeles, California from September 18-22, 2022, to attend ITS World Congress.

The essay topic is: “How do you envision disruptive technologies will transform transportation and outcomes for generations leading to greener communities and more resilient systems, increased access and equity, and safer, smarter roads for all.” The contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students at accredited colleges and universities.

“We envision that today’s advancements will change the future of mobility and transportation.  Not only will transportation be more efficient and safer, but it will also be more accessible and have a reduced environmental impact,” said Josh Johnson, director of SwRI’s Critical Systems Department. “These essays should envision how transportation systems will adapt to challenges and opportunities presented by new advancements in vehicles and intelligent infrastructure.”

New for this year, either an essay or video can be submitted to the contest. Submissions can be sent to [email protected] by June 1, 2022. View specific guidelines on submissions here

“We want to encourage students in transportation, engineering and public policy to apply their knowledge in a thought-provoking manner,” Johnson said.

The winning essay, chosen from student submissions across the United States, will be announced at ITS World Congress 2022. Judges will select the winning essay based on the insights expressed about future advances in the intelligent transportation industry.

This is the eleventh year that SwRI, a leading innovator of intelligent transportation systems, has sponsored the competition. ITS World Congress 2022 is hosted by ITS America Events, in partnership with ITS America, Ertico, and ITS Asia-Pacific, and built by RX.

About SwRI

SwRI® is an independent, nonprofit, applied research and development organization based in San Antonio, Texas, with over 2,800 employees and an annual research volume of more than $650 million. For more information, please visit www.swri.org.  SwRI has been working in the ITS industry for over 25 years developing advanced transportation management systems, integrated corridor management systems, data exchanges, automated vehicles, and connected vehicle systems.

About ITS America
The Intelligent Transportation Society of America advances the research and deployment of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives, improve mobility, increase accessibility and equity, promote sustainability, and improve efficiency and productivity. Our vision is a better future transformed by intelligent mobility: safer, greener, smarter. For more information, please visit www.itsa.org.

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