We have an opportunity to enhance transportation by making smart investments that can have positive impact on mobility, commuting patterns, safety, supply chain and delivery of goods. We would like to make it easier for the ITS community to connect through our complimentary year-round matchmaking service. This new matching service will allow us to suggest solutions and technologies specific to product interests and open projects while allowing you to connect at a time that best fits your schedule.

Attendee Participation:

To take part in receiving complimentary recommendations for solutions and technologies relevant to your product interest and project criteria, please click the link below to take a short 2-3-minute questionnaire. 

Exhibitor Participation:

To request to connect and offer your solutions and technologies to project leaders and purchases in the ITS community, please click the link below to take a short 2-3-minute questionnaire.  


We have asked our private and public sector ITS Community to share information with us on open projects or solutions/products they are looking to purchase at this time or through 2022. View an up-to-date list of active and open projects. Our ITS America Events team will try and help connect ITS manufacturers and technology providers with organizations looking for new or unique solutions.