The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) strives to discover the “new age” of the transportation workforce by engaging students and developing young professionals globally to become involved in the field of mobility and transportation through competition and exposure. It is designed for college and university students of various disciplines interested in mobility and technology. The registered teams are asked to identify a challenge under-served communities face and design a technology solution that provides needed mobility access. Winners will be showcased in conjunction with the ITS World Congress. In addition, the ELP will bring students from Los Angeles area schools to the event to participate in educational programming, interactive activities, exhibit tours, and demonstrations.  

Student teams are encouraged to submit an ideation/solution via written submission to their respective region contact (Asia Pacific, Americas, or Europe). All students will respond to the same challenge question but will relate it to a problem or opportunity within their school’s home country (for Asia Pacific and Europe) or State (for Americas). These submissions will have a required outline with associated scoring rubric and will be reviewed and scored by leaders from the region. The top scoring teams of each region will move on to the next stage of competition.


The theme of this year’s ITS World Congress is “Transformation by Transportation.” Transportation technologies are completely transforming each aspect of our lives–by improving safety, ensuring convenience, and providing direct access to opportunity. While these technologies work to meet the needs of its users, their benefits are often not available to all communities or all customer groups. How do we ensure this transformation is available to improve the experience for all users in all communities? Identify a challenge faced by under-served communities and design a technology solution that provides needed mobility access.

For further information pertaining to the Emerging Leaders Program 2022 Global Challenge, please contact [email protected]